If your mission is to explore your creativity, make Kansai your home!

Lacking a dedicated space for game developers to gather and share knowledge and ideas, the first Kansai Game Developers Assembly was held in August of 2008 with the goal of bringing together game creators from throughought the region, hoping to turn the Kansai into a lively hotbed for exciting game development.

GIPWest (Game Innovators Portal West) was officially established in April of 2010, setting out to make Kansai an environment supportive of game development, where those aspiring to new creative challenges in the world of game creation would want to set up shop.

While continuing to hold regular assemblies, the organization serves to cooperate with industry members across all regions, sharing skills and knowledge, keeping communication channels open across various territories. Moving forward, GIPWest is seeking to hold events and seminars in cooperation with government, academic, and financial agencies, pouring energy into further public relations and promotions as they relate to the games industry and the region.

  • 1st Kansai Game Developers Assembly
  • 4th Kansai Game Developers Assembly welcomes
  • CyberConnect2 President and CEO, Hiroshi Matsuyama, presenting on the establishment and operations of GFF (Game Factory’s Friendship).
  • GIPWest Officially Founded
  • Founding members: Access Games Inc., Engines Inc., Q Games, HEXADRIVE Inc.
  • 6th Kansai Game Developers Assembly
  • HEXADRIVE Inc. presentation on the company’s “HEXAENGINE”.
  • SunArt Co., Ltd. joins as official GIPWest member
  • SunArt Co., Ltd. joins as official GIPWest member
  • Consulate General Tony Hughes, presenting on the state of the games industry in the U.K.