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This site is managed and operated by GIPWest (referred to henceforth as “GIPW”). We kindly request that you read the following which outlines the terms and usage of this site.


GIPW takes the utmost care in the management and operation of The Site and its function, however bears no responsibility for, and cannot not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained within.

GIPW bears no responsibility for any inconveniences, damages, or sudden inability to utilize The Site, irrespective of cause or its relation to The Site and its use.

GIPW also bears no responsibility should the user experience damage or trouble to any sort of computer hardware of related parts as a result of using The Site.

Please note that information displayed on The SIte reflects the date and time which it was posted, and does not necessarily represent current information up-to-date and accurate with regards to curernt status or situations.


All text, images, and any other information or media on The Site under legal copyright are presented with the approval of GIPW or the approval of the copyright holder for use by GIPW.

With the exception of the limited amount of content on The Site clearly designated for download and/or printing, the sharing and distribution of all other site content without the expressed consent of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited.


Site users are welcome to link to this site, however we kindly request that users refrain from linking to images or Flash-based files. When linking to this site, please make it clear as to the origin and association of these links, while at the same time avoiding any inaccuracies in depicting the nature of the association with GIPW.

Please note that by following certain links on The Site you may be transferred to other sites which are not managed or operated by GIPW, and therefore GIPW cannot be held liable for any of the content or damages suffered in association with the use and viewing of these sites.

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