Privacy Policy

Regarding the Use of Personal Information

GIPWest (referred to as “GIPW” below) is fully aware of the importance of protecting our customers’ personal information, and while handling this data with care, will also proceed with the following efforts to responsibly protect our customer’s personal information.

Strict Adherence to the Law

GIPW complies with the Personal Information Protection Law, and related rules, regulations and guidelines.

The Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

With our customers’ permission, personal information may be collected on pages such as the Inquiries page, limited to the use of providing service.
Further, the acquired personal information shall be used only within the necessary bounds of its intended use, and will not be used for purposes beyond this.

The Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information collected from our customers will never be disclosed to third parties without an individual’s consent. In regards to organizations that collect personal information, GIPW will carefully manage customer information so as not to allow its divulgence.

The Management and Removal of Personal Information

GIPW strictly manages our customer’s personal information, and takes preventative, as well as safety measures against its unlawful access, loss, destruction, fabrication, and divulgence.
In the case that a customer should request the deletion of his/her own personal information, GIPW shall address this within a reasonable amount of time.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

For questions regarding personal information, please contact us via our Inquiries page.

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