The energy and enthusiasm concentrated in Kansai has the power to change the world of games across the globe.

“Making games is fascinating.”
“Game creators are damn cool.”

These are the feelings and images that we want to transmit to as many individuals out there as possible.

In order to make this vision a reality, it’s the game creators themselves that need to take responsibility, individuals and corporations of varying scale with mutual dreams and concerns throughout the Kansai region – we’ve created a space (Portal) where we can work together in order to reintroduce the beauty of Japan-developed games to the world.

GIPWest (Game Innovators Portal West) was founded by four game development companies located in Kansai as an independent organization with the goal of utilizing the talent of the region in order to liven up and transform the global games industry.

While we may just be getting started, it’s that fresh momentum and enthusiasm that serves as an agent for change. The passion for games in Kansai thrives like no other region, making it a source of energy with the kind of power necessary in order to stir up the winds of change.

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