Greetings from recent GIPWest Inductee, Active Gaming Media2011/10/21

Hello readers,

This is Daniel Levine, director of product planning and PLAYISM manager at Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. (or AGM).
We are proud to be recent additions to the GIPWest roster and are ready to bring a little fire to the Kansai gaming scene.

So, who are we? AGM began its existence as a small translation and localization firm with two industry veterans at the helm. Over the course of the company’s short history, we’ve worked to grow our service offerings organically –branching out into complimentary fields such as marketing, advertising and design, and multi-language voice-over recording.

More recently though, we opened a digital distribution site focusing on interesting, unique game concepts regardless of the game’s size or scope –a service which we dubbed PLAYISM (pure-izumu in Japanese.)

In a nutshell, that is who we are, though as I stated above what we are trying to do is bring a little excitement to the Kansai game industry –essentially to do what we can with our international resources to help companies here grow and expand from Japan to the rest of the world –and vice-versa of course!

If you want to know more about us, feel free to get in touch –we’d be happy to talk with you!

We look forward to contributing both to GIPWest and to the industry at large.

That’s all for today, though next time I’d like to delve more into the different kinds of people at AGM –as you will see, we have folks from all corners of the globe. See you next time.

はてなブックマーク - Greetings from recent GIPWest Inductee, Active Gaming Media
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